"I fully appreciate the time I studied with Ms Goldstein, which was during the most important years of my development. I never felt restricted vocally or otherwise. She always encouraged me to really sing. Her attention to musicality challenged me to become a better musician, and her repertoire suggestions helped me discover a wider range of composers."
Aliana de la Guardia, soprano, and general manager of Guerilla Opera
www.alianadelaguardia.com, www.guerillaopera.com

"What I love about Sara's teaching is that she makes suggestions and corrections in an incredibly encouraging and supportive fashion. She listens and watches actively and carefully. Her focus is on helping the student find balance in the body and voice to produce the healthiest and best possible sound. Beyond her technical skills, her interpretive insights are spot on. My lessons with Sara really keep me on top of my game!"
Karen Bell, voice teacher at Milton Academy and soprano with Handel and Haydn and Boston Baroque

"Sara taught me how to be patient with my body and voice. She taught me to watch myself develop over time instead of trying to force perfection 'here and now.' She also never tried to stifle my desire to sing multiple genres of music, especially the music of my cultural background. Because of her genuine encouragement I feel like a well-rounded, intelligent vocalist."
Kavita Baliga, award winning recording artist. www.kavitabaliga.com

“Sara has been my voice teacher after years of trying to do things on my own. She adjusts to each voice student appropriately, and she lets the singer set the pace for learning new music. She has challenged me in the areas that I was lacking, and she has made me a much more well-rounded singer because of it. Her teaching style is very consistent, and because of that I know I can come out of every lesson with a new insight. She has come to truly know and understand my voice, so when she gives me new repertoire, I never doubt that it is right for my voice. She is sweet, genuine, and she really cares about her students.”
Grace Kahl, Undergraduate Voice Major